Is There Anybody Out There?

It is a time for wandering in the wilderness for most genuine Christians.  Sound doctrine is not found in most churches in the U.S.  People are in the deceptions of Rick Warren, the Word of Faith movement, the new apostolic behemoth (including Rick Joyner, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, IHOP, YWAM and others).  It seems that there is no one who believes in the truths of the Bible anymore.

Yet, it is presumption to think that I am the only one left, and that is obviously not the truth.  So, one purpose of this blog is to find out if there is anyone else out there who is hearing the Spirit’s call to “Come out of her,” and to prepare for the soon-coming of the Lord.

As like-minded people find this site, it will be a place to have the (limited) fellowship possible on the internet, to encourage each other in the Lord and in truth.

I believe there are others out there, and I look forward to hearing from you.